YouTube Alternative YouTube Vanced, use all premium features for free. Now use ads free YouTube.

YouTube Alternative YouTube Vanced, use all premium features for free. Now use ads free YouTube.

YouTube Alternative YouTube Vanced, use all premium features for free. Now use ads-free YouTube.

How are you all? Hope everybody is doing well. YouTube is one of the most widely used platforms today. We spend most of our time on this popular platform.

But now the amount of ads on YouTube videos has increased. For this, watching videos seems very annoying. Again, I miss some premium features like skin-off video play, shortening the video in the middle of any work.

Features of YouTube Vanced:

YouTube Alternative YouTube Vanced

YouTube Alternative YouTube Vanced

Built-in ad blocking:

The ad plays an important role in supporting online publications and content creators, but it is also true that many people like me do not like to see this ad. And so YouTube Vanced is the only hope to get rid of this ad because it has a built-in ad-blocking feature. You can turn the ad-blocking feature on and off from the settings if you want.

Background playback:

Using this app you can play any video in the background which means you can watch YouTube and browse other apps at the same time.

Force HDR mode:

The HDR feature in the YouTube app is not supported on all phones, but YouTube Vanced’s Force HDR mode allows you to support any phone. HDR means “High Dynamic Range” and with this feature, you can enjoy much better video quality than before.

Override max resolution:

This feature allows you to watch videos of the resolution that is usually disabled on your device.

Pinch to zoom:

Now all phones have a very high aspect ratio, and YouTube videos on such phones are not seen in full skin, but you can easily watch full skin videos using the YouTube Vanced app pinch to zoom feature.

Toggle casting:

This feature allows you to toggle the Google Cast icon. You can also turn off the casting option with Force even if you have your casting device.


Secondary theme:

We all like themes and that’s why YouTube Vanced lets you select the theme of your choice. On the other hand, the official app does not support dark themes but YouTube Vanced supports darker, black and some other color themes but has white color set as the default theme.

Picture in a picture mood:

If you have a device with the Android Oreo version, you can use Picture in Picture mode in the YouTube Vanced app just like the official YouTube app.

Video window style:

Don’t you like the new YouTube video window when you minimize a video and browse other videos on YouTube? But no worries, with YouTube Vanced you can select new or old video windows.

Repeat video:

This feature allows you to replay a video after it has finished. Also, there is no substitute for this feature for playing any of your favorite videos over and over again.

Preferred resolution and speed:

You can specify your preferred video resolution and playback speed so that whenever you play a video, it will play the video according to your set setting.

Swipe control:

With the swipe control feature, you can increase and decrease the volume and brightness. These are very important to set when you are watching a video or you may want to increase/decrease the volume or brightness, especially if you watch the video in full skin.



YouTube Vanced is an ideal software for them. All the premium features will be available effortlessly.

Many people do not think it is safe to use. They will be able to use their original mail without logging in.

However, for YouTube Vanced Download from the link below Vanced manager

DownloadOnce the Vanced Manager is downloaded, then download and install the Vanced App from the inside. 

YouTube Alternative YouTube Vanced

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